Chico Electric – Business Spotlight

As previously printed in the November/December 2016 Butte County Farm Bureau News

Butte County is fortunate to have the innovative and dynamic local businesses that call it home. chico-electric Chico Electric has been a model business of community support and innovative technology since N.C. “Cec” Nielsen founded the company in 1960.

Chico Electric has risen to the challenging needs of a changing energy world. As the world has shifted and demand for energy independence has increase, Chico Electric has put boots to the ground to find ways to provide services to customers that meet their needs. With meeting those demands, Chico Electric has always kept agriculture in the forefront of their mind. In fact, 85 percent of the customer base is agriculture or industry related.

“We are fortunate to have the best customers in the world.” – Norm Nielsen, Chico Electric, Chief Executive Officer

“We are fortunate to have the best customers in the world,” said Chico Electric Chief Executive Officer Norm Nielsen. “Our purpose, our passion, our business and our success has always been and will be to exceptionally serve our customers. Our mission is our customer’s complete satisfaction and is the essential measurement for the success of our entire company.”

Over the years, Chico Electric has designed, installed and maintained state of the art electrical technology for farm petersonphoto_160511-341irrigation systems, nut processing facilities, rice drying plants, fruit dehydrators, cold storage buildings and breweries. The staff at Chico Electric can also install and maintain photovoltaic solar, high efficient combined heat & power systems (CHP) and battery storage to offset high energy costs.

In fact, at one of the walnut dryer installations conducted by Chico Electric, they also installed solar. The dryer operates about a month out of the year and the solar system generates and builds kWh credits the other 11 months creating a very low payback and high return on investment. At the same time they petersonphoto_160511-771provide energy conservation devices such as variable frequency drives (VFD) and LED lighting reducing the pay back even further.

“Our experience in energy generation runs nearly 40 years designing, installing and maintaining over 700 renewable energy systems including solar, bio fuel, micro turbines and battery storage,” said Nielsen. “From residential solar systems to off grid cattle watering projects to large multi megawatt industrial and agricultural systems. Creating value for our customers.”

Whether it is assisting local businesses or residents in their energy needs, or supporting a local events and organizations, Chico Electric is a leader in the community. Contact Chico Electric with your next energy project to see how they can work with you at 530-891-1933 or see

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