From The Farm – Noble Orchards

Homemade Applesauce with Noble Orchards

Noble Orchards was founded by Grandpa Perry Noble in 1921. Starting from clear fields to plant trees and building the packing sheds, the family has been producing premium apples for 95 years. In fact, Noble Orchards is the only remaining apple orchard in Paradise.

Jim and Laurie Noble

Since 1921, Noble Orchards has continued to grow and currently raises 31 different varieties of apples along with white and yellow freestone peaches. At Noble Orchards they have a variety for every ones tastes including Fuji and Pink Lady’s as well as older varieties with complex flavors such as Pippins, Winesnaps and Black Twigs.

Though the Nobles have been selling their apples from the same 1930’s packing shed to local consumers since they founded, Jim and Laurie Noble took another step in their business and were the first in Butte County to be licensed as a Cottage Food Producer. This license allowed them to make and sell on site their homemade Apple Butter, dried apples and develop new products like the Pink Lady Apple Butter.

Try one of Laurie Nobles homemade applesauce recipes.
Apple Sauce Chunky:
1 cup water
¼ cup sugar
4 medium apples

Pare, core and slice apples, bring water and sugar to a boil, add apples, cover and simmer until tender.

Apple Sauce Smooth:
Same recipe as above except cook apples in water until tender mash apples lastly adding the sugar.

Both recipes can be varied with the addition of spices, or cinnamon red hots that both flavor and lightly color the applesauce. Great for a special occasion.

Noble Orchards currently have apples available that would be perfect for trying out making your own applesauce. Visit Noble Orchards from 10am – 5pm Monday thru Friday and 10am – 4pm Saturday and Sunday and sample the fresh fruit, fresh apple cider, homemade products and see other locally made products from Butte and Tehama County.

Noble Orchards is located at 7050 Pentz Road, Paradise or find them on Facebook. You can also contact them at (530)877-4784.

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