Thank You

By Colleen Cecil, Executive Director
Butte County Farm Bureau News
January/February 2021

We learned many new words and phrases in 2020. Many words and phrases that I would love to never say again, like pandemic and socially distanced. There is however one phrase of two little words that I want to bring attention to as we look forward to 2021. 

Thank you. Simple, kind and full of gratitude if you say it right. 

Thank you to the employees that keep our farms and ranches operating efficiently.

Thank you to the businesses that provide the goods and services that our ag community relies on. 

Thank you to you, the members of the Butte County Farm Bureau, with whom we would have no purpose. 

Thank you to our 1917 Club members for your support and investment in our organization. 

Thank you to our Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee for wanting to be part of something bigger and ensuring the future of agriculture will remain bright. 

Thank you to our Butte County Farm Bureau supporters. To all of the businesses, organizations, families and persons who have sponsored an event, bought a ticket, raised your hand in an auction, ordered a sweatshirt or hat, entered a raffle or placed an ad in our newspaper, thank you. 

Thank you to our committee members for your work and time to ensure the voice of our farmers and ranchers are heard. 

Thank you to our volunteer Butte County Farm Bureau Board of Directors for your time, commitment to our organization and for reading the many emails I send you. You are reading them, right?

Thank you to our Executive Committee – Lee, Walt, Blain, Shawn, Darren and Stacey – for your leadership, for answering the phone when I call and responding to text message questions and concerns. 

Thank you to our staff – Rachel and Heather – for your passion, skill and commitment to our organization and our members. 

Thank you to our families. For my husband Jake, Heather and Rachel’s husbands and the spouses of our Board members. We thank you for your support and endless understanding of the “I have a Farm Bureau thing” phone calls. 

Thank you to 103 years of Butte County Farm Bureau. 

We look forward to visiting with you in 2021, in-person and in Richvale at our temporary offices at 1148 Richvale Hwy, inside the Richvale Irrigation District office building.

Welcome 2021. We’ve been waiting for you. 

Colleen Cecil, Executive Director
Butte County Farm Bureau

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