Welcome to The Farm Shovel

Thanks for taking a minute to check out The Farm Shovel! We are excited at the Butte County Farm Bureau to add this new blog to our website www.ButteFarmBureau.com, and use it as a place to share timely information, newsworthy stories and the occasional editorial about the current events in our local agricultural community.

We’ll offer updates and announcements on benefits of Farm Bureau membership in Butte County to current members and encourage those of you digging around the chance to join us.

When we post a new update to The Farm Shovel, we’ll be sure to alert you of them on our Facebook page and on our Twitter feed so be sure to follow us if you don’t already. You will also find  links to The Farm Shovel in our e-newsletter, The Farm Wire. Sign up for the e-newsletter here.

There are many ways to get information these days. We think this format will offer a chance to provide a few more details that are often too extensive for an email newsletter or social media post. And we will be able to share up-to-the minute news that doesn’t make our bi-monthly newspaper deadlines that members get in the mail.

Who knows? You may choose to bury the information you read on The Farm Shovel but then again maybe you’ll unearth something you need to know? We just look forward to helping you shovel through the mountains of information on your desk and pickup truck dash. Let’s get to digging!



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