Can we start 2020 over?

By Colleen Cecil, Executive Director
May/June 2020
Butte County Farm Bureau News, Page 2

Anyone else ready for a 2020 do over? I usually don’t give much thought to what I am going to write about in my May/June column. It’s always going to be all the great reasons why you must attend the Butte County Farm Bureau Summer Barbecue. That is why I am sad to have to write this column for this issue. It is in this column that I must announce that the Butte County Farm Bureau has made the difficult decision to cancel the June 18th Summer Barbecue as a result of this pandemic and our States shelter in place order.

may june farm news

While I am hopeful that by the time you read this, the Governor has laid out a timeline for opening up our state, we know that large gatherings are going to be discouraged for a while. We are however hopeful that by the time we are wrapping up the 2020 harvest, we’ll be able to gather again and celebrate bountiful crops, good health and see all your beautiful faces. Stay tuned for that.

We are also saddened to hear that the Silver Dollar Fair was also a victim of COVID-19. But if ever there was a brilliant recovery after falling down, it’s the support of the community and Rob Ramay at BidCal who went to work to make sure that the Jr. Livestock Auction would happen. Of course, in a virtual manner. These same kids who will market their junior livestock projects online will also have the chance to participate in a virtual evaluation of their livestock through the Butte Stock Show, a virtual livestock show, that is being coordinated by Dr. Celina Phillips and Taylor Lacey.

With no Silver Dollar Fair to attend, how do I support these great kids? I am so glad you asked. If you want to support the Butte Stock Show, you can write a check to the Butte Ag Foundation, write Butte Stock Show in the memo line and mail to Butte Ag Foundation, 2580 Feather River Blvd., Oroville, CA 95965. Donations to the Butte Stock show will be used to pay the cost associated with the online show program and ensure awards are available, just like the fair.

If you wish to buy an animal, then visit The bidding starts on May 16th and closes on May 21st. But don’t wait till then to visit Visit now and make sure you have registered and created your online account. Bid early and bid often. Resale and processing options will be just like the fair normally offers.

Lastly, we encourage you visit  and look for the COVID-19 Ag Industry link on the homepage. There you will find the most current information available for use by farmers and ranchers as it related to navigating the COVID-19 crisis on your farms and ranchers. Information for Small Business Administration, Public Health, CDFA, Governor’s Office, OSHA, USDA, it’s all there and it is updated as information becomes available. It is impossible to keep up on the massive amount of information that comes out daily so we are grateful that CFBF is keeping it all in one place. Another great reason to be a member wouldn’t you agree?

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